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Do you have a child who is not speaking yet?
Do you have a child who needs to talk more clearly?
Do you have a child who has difficulty moving his or her tongue or lips?

Welcome to the website of the Speech, Language and Literacy Therapy Practice in North London. The Practice is owned and run by Sarah J Colebourne, Specialist Speech, Language and Dyslexia Therapist. Sarah specialises in therapy which helps children with oral or verbal dyspraxia. She has over 30 years of experience treating children with all types and degrees of dyspraxia from all over the UK and internationally. She has often treated children with complex multiple needs and children who do not talk at all. She has also worked extensively with children with speech delay, language delay, comprehension difficulties, expressive language disorders, word recall difficulties, auditory memory problems and specific learning difficulties. As many children with speech and language issues go on to need help with reading and spelling, Sarah is also a qualified Dyslexia Tutor. She is experienced in teaching, training and advising Parents, Speech and Language Therapists, Teachers and Teaching Assistants. She liaises with all other professionals working with children, including Psychologists, Paediatricians, Consultants, Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists. Sarah sees children from 2 to 18 years of age.

There are also a Teacher and Reiki Master working at the Practice. Nutritional products for children are sold, such as concentrated omega oils, organic colloidal vitamin and mineral supplements and probiotics. Please click here for information about nutritional products for children.

The Therapy and Assessment page explains about assessment, therapy and programmes available at the Practice for your child.

The About Sarah page introduces you to Sarah, her qualifications, experience and approach to therapy.

There is a Testimonials page of feedback from parents whose children have already finished therapy. Many more testimonials are available to read when you visit the Practice with your child.

Lastly you will find details of how you can contact the Speech, Language and Literacy Therapy Practice to book an appointment for an assessment or for therapy.

What are Oromotor and Verbal Dyspraxia?

Oral and Verbal Dyspraxia Symptoms

A child with Oral Dyspraxia has difficulty voluntarily controlling silent movements of their lips, tongue or soft palate. A child with Verbal Dyspraxia has difficulty speaking and uses a reduced range of speech sounds, or abnormal sounds, so that their speech is difficult to understand.
Some children cannot say many words at all.

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Diagnosing Oral & Verbal Dyspraxia

A diagnosis of Oral or Verbal Dyspraxia can be made by a Specialist Speech and Language Therapist who has a significant amount of experience in working with children with oral and verbal dyspraxia.

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Verbal Dyspraxia Assessment & Therapy

Children with suspected Oral and Verbal Dyspraxia need a detailed assessment from which a programme of therapy can be designed specifically for each individual child. Therapy needs to be highly structured, working on single speech sounds and working through the use of simple words to more complex words and then on to phrases and sentences.

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